Reimagining The CPA Profession.

We take a personal, proactive interest in helping small business owners succeed.


Keeping the books in tip-top shape gives you solid financial insight into your business and captures tax deductions. Let us help make sure you get credit for all your tax-deductible expenses.

Tax Services

Nobody likes a surprise tax bill, including us. That’s why we offer proactive strategic planning all year long to help you keep more cash in your pocket and reduce tax-season blues.


If you’ve ever wondered how you stack up against others in your industry, what you’re spending too much on, or how you could do better, let’s talk.


Starting a business, but not sure where to start? We’d love to help set you off on the right foot.

Who We Serve.

Focus more on your business with an experienced and personable CPA on your team.

Dental and Medical Practices

With over 6 years specializing in dental and medical practice consulting exclusively, we’ve got all the tips and insight to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Small Business Owners

Private clients

We are a small business owner too, so we totally get it. Let us help you sort it out play by play.

Restaurants and Breweries

We love supporting our local restaurants and breweries. Reach out if you could use a CPA that cares in your corner.

Service and Trade Businesses


Concerned about project or service profitability? We’ve got you! Let’s dive in and see what’s profitable, what’s not, and how you’re doing compared to others in your industry.